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Social Media Strategy

Customize result-driven social media campaigns that meet your business vision & objectives.

How can a social media strategy help your business?

The digital marketing and social media landscape is fast-changing. Moreover the customer behaviour gap between Asia and the West is getting perplexing. For instance, we observe major differences between Asian and Western social media. One most noteworthy difference is that Asian social media focuses more on bringing convenience to users in a all-in-one app such as WeChat or LINE. It is crucial for brands to understand and develop a social media strategy that considers situations in different markets despite the different eco-systems.

Owned Asset Activation
Fan Base Growth
Re-target Ads

How to build a successful social media strategy?

Our agility enables us to optimise social media roadmap for you to reach a realistic yet ambitious business outcome.

We provide complete social media marketing strategies across three pillars of media: owned, earned and paid. Above that, we focus on building organic growth on owned and earned media. This is due to various reasons. Firstly, this is a more affordable way to improve business performance. That means a brand does not need to spend extra to achieve growth. Brands can simply benefit from activating and fully utilizing existing assets. Another reason is that effectiveness of paid media comes to an end when the paid campaign is completed. In contrast, organic growth is more sustainable. Yet, we believe paid media is still very powerful and is good for pushing your campaign to next stage.

In conclusion, we provide complete social strategies that covers all the pillars of media. Furthermore, we structure strategies that are most relevant to your objectives to improve the ROI.

Where does our strategy operate the best?

We believe a successful social strategy is essential to all brands. Therefore, we support companies of all sizes. We have worked with a large variety of companies from start-up to global corporations.

Moreover, we maintain a presence in various social media platforms. We do campaigns on mainstream platforms like Facebook while active in niche social media markets like WeChat and LINE as well.

Finally, we are here to support any marketing phase. We understand brands might have different objectives. So, we tailor strategies for brand awareness as much as we are skilled in improving business performance.

How can we help you to succeed?

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