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Leverage KOL marketing in Asia with a unique Tech-Agency partnership


Digital Business Lab Partnering with Meltwater

As a digital marketing agency with a special focus on social media, we offer KOL marketing services in Asia and have engaged with hundreds of influencers over the past 6 years. Stepping up, our agency now partners with Meltwater, having access to a unique social influencer solution to identify, activate, manage and monitor KOLs.

Key functions of Meltwater leveraged by Digital Business Lab

Meltwater has more than 900 million influencer profiles from around the world stored in the database. Apart from identifying influencers with advanced selection filters, their all-in-one platform also allows us to easily engage with KOLs, manage the campaigns, and measure the performance within a centralized system.

Key statistics of KOLs

True Reach

Meltwater’s own technology utilizes machine learning to estimate the number of real views the influencers can obtain from each post.

kol marketing in AsiaHow are we leveraging True Reach data?

Good news! The True Reach predictive calculation also includes Instagram posts. This estimation allows our KOL performance team to monitor the success of the campaign. We can also compare the KOLs’ True Reach vs potential reach from PR or Paid Media.

Audience Gender, Age, Location and Estimated Income Level

Meltwater collects and aggregates the followers’ demographic data and interests based on their activity on social media. This comprehensive data helps us to evaluate the KOL’s compatibility with a specific target market.


kol marketing in Asia

How are we leveraging demographic data?

Some might focus on influencers that are the same gender as their target customers e.g. cosmetics brands targeting female customers. However, data shows that specific KOLs are sometimes attracting the opposite gender audience, opening new opportunities for influencer partnerships.

Additionally, to avoid shortlisting KOLs based on their presence and activity in specific countries, our team carefully review their audience demographic breakdown to maximize opportunities and reach the right audience from the right regions. For instance, our experts often identify KOLs raised and born in specific countries such as Korea, but more than 70% of their audience is located outside the country (e.g. in Japan or the US).

KOLs’ Past Brand Collaborations

Meltwater’s solution is able to detect sponsored posts via brand mentions and specific hashtags to show us which brands the influencer had worked with.

kol marketing in asia

How are we leveraging Past Brand Collaborations data?

This function is extremely valuable when we do due diligence before partnering with the KOL. We can review whether the KOL has already collaborated with competitors, or even with brands from different industries targeting a similar audience.

Our First KOL Marketing Business Case Leveraging Meltwater

Bon Parfumeur – a French perfume brand approached us to boost their launch event’s visibility in Hong Kong via KOL marketing. We needed to complete the whole process of influencer selection, activation, and coordination in less than a week. Apart from the short timeline, each influencer also had to perfectly match several criteria required by the brand such as having a high engagement and a high true reach. Meltwater was the perfect solution to help us tackle these challenges.

You can find the details of the business case in Meltwaters’ website.

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