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Eqonex — Brand Launch Campaign

Engage with Crypto audience worldwide & drive quality traffic through Twitter campaign

Twitter audience targeting capabilities were precious to our campaign.
Especially when it came to follower look-alike segments, as people interested in crypto are active communities of the accounts we targeted.

Xavier Schillinger, Partner, Digital Business Lab

The Brief

EQONEX (formerly known as EQUOS), a new cryptocurrency exchange platform, was less than a year old at the time of this campaign.

The brand approached Digital Business Lab to reach a broad range of cryptocurrency-aware audiences globally and drive quality website traffic.

Our agency supported the brand by executing a content-driven advertising campaign targeting global active crypto audiences on Twitter.

The Solution

Digital Business Lab supported EQONEX to connect with the #FinTwit community by utilizing various targeting options, Website Buttons, and Video Ads on Twitter & the Twitter Audience Platform (TAP).

Our team leveraged the TAP to broaden its reach and drive a high click-through rate. High-quality sign-ups every week were also generated by website traffic campaign with an optimized sign-up objective, onboarding new traders from Twitter to the EQONEX platform. Furthermore, the TAP campaign boosted the campaign’s performance and reduced the cost of driving traffic to the EQONEX website.

As a result, the campaign successfully reached over 18 million people on Twitter, raised brand recognition among the crypto-enthusiasts, and drove more than 5 million clicks to the EQONEX website over the past year.

Twitter Advertising


Our global partnership with EQONEX is featured in Twitter Business Success Stories.

18 million people+
on Twitter
5 million+
to the EQONEX website
Video ads CTR
on Twitter
Full video views
on Twitter
Blended average for the global TAP campaign

Key Takeaways

Digital Business Lab utilized the TAP to achieve EQONEX’s goals. The brand successfully reached its main target audiences: cryptocurrency traders, traditional financial traders, and retail investors looking to diversify their portfolios. Here are some key learnings:

  1. Engage with the crypto-enthusiasts’ community

Twitter is the most crypto-friendly social media platform, home to a crypto-enthusiasts’ community that loves to share with 128M Tweets about crypto globally in the last year. The key learnings to connect with the trending crypto conversation were through various hashtags and targeting capabilities such as interest targeting, keyword targeting, and follower look-alikes targeting.

  1. Make use of the Twitter Audience Platform

Running ads on the TAP was proven highly effective, as displaying your advertising on the Twitter Audience Platform’s hundreds of mobile apps is a powerful approach to drive scale.

For this campaign, EQONEX noted:

  • Further boost in brand awareness and drive quality traffic to their website
  • 3x cheaper cost-per-result (CPR) for Twitter TAP vs the Twitter platform alone
  • 22x cheaper CPLC (Cost per Link Click) results vs the Twitter platform alone

3. Captivate with people-centric video

Twitter is driving strong engagement with video content, thanks to its nature as a personally relevant medium for its active audiences.
Hence, our team used as many video assets as possible during the campaign.
Here are some actionable tips on creative treatments that impact ad performance:

  •  Generally, video ads performed best (especially when it’s short and simple!)
  • The videos optimized at 15s outperformed the other video ads
  • Videos including people and using a simple video narrative performed best
    Result: drove competitive Cost per View (CPV), View-through Rate (VTR), Click-through Rate (CTR), and higher engagement.
Reach your potential customers worldwide & raise brand recognition by activating effective Twitter advertising campaign!


EQONEX is a new cryptocurrency exchange platform with a focus on compliance, fairness, trust, and innovation. It is the first crypto exchange company to be listed on Nasdaq.

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