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INFINITI — Taiwan Instagram Launch

Localized marketing strategy for regional Instagram account launch

The Brief

INFINITI, the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Nissan, had approached DBL for its Taiwan Instagram account launch campaign. With this in mind, DBL designed and implemented an all-round localized marketing strategy for the launch, supporting the account by growing the follower base and driving leads to local service centers.

The Solution

To grow a regional brand account, it is important to create content that communicates brand value in a localized approach. That is why we have decided to localize global content, and more importantly, to create content that is dedicated to the Taiwanese audience. Part of the localized marketing strategy included co-creating content with domestic influencers for the campaign, with a focus on video content. We also implemented innovative elements which included doing live streaming with an influencer to engage the audience. Apart from content creation, we also carried out paid campaigns to boost followers and leads acquisition.

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The Results

leads generated
in 1 month
organic posts
created for the localized marketing campaign
co-created with influencers

Key Takeaways

Visually appealing content is always one of the key elements to grow a brand account. When we talk about regional Instagram accounts – which more and more international brands are creating – it is even more important to create localized content to attract local audiences. Hence, creative content was one of the main pillars of this campaign.

Through collaborating with local influencers and photographers, we co-created various videos and images for the INFINITI Taiwan Instagram account. Aside from influencers, we also localized brand global content to reinforce brand values. All these were well appreciated by the audience. Consequently, we observed that audiences were more willing to engage with the account when they see familiar local landmarks and scenery in the posts.

In order to further engage the audience, we also covered various mini-campaigns in the localized marketing strategy to support the growth of the account. That includes a live streaming session with a local influencer, where we were able to interact with the account followers in real-time through mini-games.

With a sound base of creative content, we further ran paid campaigns on social media to boost the followers of the Instagram account. As a result of the 3-month-campaign, we have gained over 5,000 followers. By mixing these elements, we were able to successfully grow the INFINITI Taiwan account in the 3-months time frame.

Grow regional brand account with localized marketing strategy!


INFINITI is the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Nissan. It started selling premium vehicles since 1989 and its marketing network now covers over 50 countries in the world.

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