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Dreame Tech — Spring Cleaning Giveaway

Strengthen global brand reputation successfully through engaging Instagram campaign

The Brief

As a part of our long-standing relationship with Dreame (part of Xiaomi), Digital Business Lab was requested to leverage the Chinese tradition of Spring Cleaning to activate a quick and culturally appropriate campaign that would boost Dreame’s visibility and increase its page engagements.

The Solution

Digital Business Lab supported Dreame by creating the organic creatives with our in-house design team and by providing a quick and responsive strategy to capitalize on the spring season. Furthermore, Digital Business Lab researched, vetted, and activated various influencers with our extensive influencer database.

Dreame hosted a successful giveaway that boosted their engagement numbers and with the help of our influencer campaign, boosted the awareness of Dreame in the incredibly competitive vacuum market. Particularly, the engagement rate for the creatives in this campaign were exceptional, boasting an average of 36% Engagement Rate over 24 published pieces of content.

Content Strategy - Influencer Management & Activation - Social Media Content Creation

Engagement Rate
High Average Influencer Engagement Across 7 influencers
Engagement Rate
On the best performing Facebook Creative
Engagement Rate
On the best performing Instagram Creative
Organic Follower Growth
in the month of March

Key Takeaways

Digital Business Lab agilely created a Spring Cleaning campaign that involved both organic content and influencer marketing. Dreame successfully saw higher engagements on their Spring Cleaning posts compared to normal and saw a good increase in their following over the month of March. Here are some key learnings:

1. Activate influencers who resonate with the target audience and the product

The most important takeaway from this campaign and from our extensive experience with influencer campaigns is to have the proper synergy between the product, the influencer, and the target audience. By targeting influencer whose audience segments were more likely to be our targeted audience (homeowners) through the use of our influencer database, and whose content revolved around home and tech, we reached a specific niche that would very likely result in conversions.

2. Customize the content to be engaging and prize incentive oriented

By intentionally creating content that is meant to be engaged with, rather than passively seen, we ensured that our performance figures would be positive. Specifically, by adding a clear prize incentive, audience memebers are encouraged to engage with our content. This is achieved through highly customized content to the campaign’s context (in this case Spring Cleaning) and with respect to the social media platform (Facebook and Instagram). Our content for Dreametech has been praised globally; for instance, our social media content creation for Dreame was highly spoken and set as a successful example by One Sight (global social growth management).

3. Encourage the influencers to create lifestyle, creative, and eye-catching content

Based on Digital Business Lab’s experience in this project and from our wealth of experience, we can say that, in terms of content, the three key features when creating content with influencers are to have it be lifestyle-centric, creative, and/or eye-catching. 

Lifestyle-centric means properly incorporating the product and the brand into the lives of the influencer. This is due to the metagame that is involved with marketing, as audiences become more attuned to influencer marketing, the need for more authentic, creative, or eye-catching content is required.

  • Authenticity can be achieved if the influencer is seen wholeheartedly promoting the product which is typically the result of a longstanding relationship between the brand and the product, service and ability which Digital Business Lab prides itself on achieving.
  • One-off influencer partnerships often do not produce results, because it is clear to the audience that the influencer is doing the promotion purely for their financial gain.
  • However, if you create a longstanding partnership, where the products show up in sponsored and non-sponsored content if you encourage the influencer to speak about the products of their own volition, this can break down the barrier of advertising that exists between audience and brand.

On the other hand, if a long partnership is not possible, then the content must be either extremely creative or eye-catching. As mentioned previously, as time progresses, audiences will become more and more used to the advertising formats that exist now and develop a mental capacity to ignore them. Therefore, your content must be increasingly creative or eye-catching to keep the audience on their toes and capture their attention fully.

Convert your global potential customers with lifestyle & engaging social media content.

About Dreame

Dreame Technology, established in 2015, is an innovative company with the vision to “enhance the living quality of global users”. The Company focuses on high-end cleaning appliances by leveraging astrodynamics technologies. At the end of 2017, Dreame joined the Xiaomi Ecological Chain, as the driving force and leading enterprise of smart household cleaning appliances.

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