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Shiseido/JP Beauty Style — JP Beauty Style 2019

Localized content marketing to obtain actionable customer data

The Brief

Shiseido launched a new media website JP Beauty Style to share about Japanese beauty information and every aspect of daily life. Through high quality content, they hope to drive offline customers to their website and then collect actionable data. DBL was in charge of constructing a localized content marketing strategy and creating articles to target the right audience segment in Hong Kong.

The Solution

In order to attract and retain offline customers of the JP Beauty Style brands, our beauty expert in Japanese and Hong Kong cultures created an all-round localized content marketing strategy. We took care of everything from building the editorial plan, copywriting, sourcing and designing visuals, to actually publishing the articles. Instead of producing the same content for all audiences, DBL defined and segmented the articles based on audiences’ interest and level of knowledge towards makeup.

Content marketing strategy - Localized content production - Creative design assistance - Organic Social Media management - Email marketing - Performance analytics and reporting

The Results

72 articles
within 1 year
in article views
in article bounce rate

Key Takeaways

The competition in the beauty industry is fierce, with countless cosmetics brands around the world and new products released every day. Acquiring followers in social media to raise brand awareness is the first step, but it’s not enough. JP Beauty Style’s initial target audience were offline customers of the Shiseido brand. But how to retain these customers and remain top of their mind? One effective way was to consistently feed them value-added content to enrich their online experience. Hence, DBL drove traffic from Offline to Online with localized content marketing.

Furthermore, acknowledging that not everyone likes the same topic, it’s essential to first explore potential topics. Since the client focused on Japanese beauty and lifestyle, we first leveraged our beauty expert who has advanced knowledge in both the Japanese and Hong Kong markets to categorize article topics. Then, we further segmented the audience based on levels of knowledge in makeup. This was useful for identifying specific reader interest, then we created new content accordingly.

By sharing in-depth information to the targeted audience, the brand built up its credibility and the website traffic increased. Once we developed a sound online audience base, we then moved the focus to driving Online traffic to Offline. DBL synchronized with the client’s marketing actions and supported the sales campaign with relevant articles. Thus, creating a complete O2O cycle.

Lastly, the content supported the brand’s ultimate goal—collecting actionable data for future marketing plans. As a result of monthly performance analysis, our client was able to draw useful customer insights. For instance, what type of products the followers are interested in? What type of beauty concerns and issues do they have? Knowing these inisghts are helpful for developing potential products or even building the base for future e-commerce.

Gain customer insights with localized content marketing!

About Shiseido

Shiseido is a Japanese multinational personal care company founded in 1872. It is the global leader in skin care, hair care, cosmetics and fragrance products.

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