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AIA — AIA Tottenham Hotspur Tour 2017

Full scale marketing campaign for world-class football team

The Brief

DBL was challenged by AIA Group to create “fan hype” around Tottenham Hotspur touring in Hong Kong! Has global sponsor of the football team, AIA wishes to inspire active lifestyles through the practice of sports. As a result, we facilitated full use of social media intelligence to support.

The Solution

This amplification perspective pushed us to capitalize on social media intelligence and moreover to leverage the live streaming capabilities of Facebook. We also activated media and press partnerships to create buzz leading up to the campaign. Furthermore, we capitalized on the impact of social media activity through paid social media advertising. AIA consequently obtained incredibly positive feedback from the live streaming. Above that, activity around the campaign could be traced across 7 social media platforms, yet the most important fact is that we only activated 3 platforms.

Social Media Strategy - Live Streaming - Social Media Intelligence - PR Activation

The Results

2.3 million
video views
via press and social media
Engagement Rate
on social media
Positive Sentiment
on 3rd party listening tool

Key Takeaways

Powered by today’s data intelligence technology, consumer insight is more than powerful. First of all, it helps brands to monitor impressions. Moreover, it adds value to research, planning, and optimizing. For this campaign, we used social monitoring tools to study the mentions and sentiment across social media platforms. The outcome as a result proves our marketing strategy is able to generate incredibly positive online feedback for the client.

We also combined video content, PR activation and paid social media advertising campaigns to maximise the performance of this campaign. Eventually, we have achieved satisfactory exposure on different media channels with the marketing mix.

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About AIA

AIA is the largest independent publicly listed pan-Asian life insurance group – with a presence in 18 markets across the Asia-Pacific region.

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