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INFINITI — INFINITI QX50 Launch Event 2018

Acquire new audiences with influencer and video marketing in Asia

The Brief

INFINITI celebrated the regional launch of the all-new QX50 in November 2018 by hosting a dealer and media event in Kenting, Taiwan. INFINITI approached DBL to amplify the occasion through an influencer program completed with content production. The challenge was to resonate to local and regional audiences live from this multiple-day event.

The Solution

To provide another touchpoint around this launch event, we collaborated with several influencers in Asia and produced engaging photos, videos, and stories collectively with the KOLs.

We invited 4 influencers from Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan to enjoy a grand & exclusive experience of QX50’s launch event in Kenting. In addition, we co-produced with them high-quality content to share on social media, including vlog videos and event photos.

Influencer & PR Management - Social Media Strategy - Video Production

The Results

4 Influencers activated
across Asia
in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan
on Facebook and Instagram
Total reach
on Facebook and Instagram

Key Takeaways

INFINITI aimed to increase its brand awareness outside the automotive field in APAC and generate appealing content from the launch event. For this reason, we collaborated with the regional INFINITI team on influencer marketing and video production.

Given that influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to speak to a new audience, we reached new targets in different Asian regions with influencer activation. We selected KOLs coming from diversified backgrounds and having established credibility in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. As a result, we are able to help INFINITI capture the attention of audiences from the targeted regions.

Most importantly, we co-produced vlog videos with the KOLs in conjunction with influencer activation. After all, the video format is the most powerful content formats nowadays with its growing importance in the social media marketing scene across platforms. Hence, we combined videos with influencer marketing and highlighted the KOLs’ experience in the event to create eye-catching videos.

This entire campaign included live and post-event activation of our video production & influencer marketing teams, onsite & in Hong Kong.

Acquire new audiences with authentic influencers and creative video content



INFINITI is the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Nissan. It started selling premium vehicles since 1989 and its marketing network now covers over 50 countries in the world.

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