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Studio City — Fashion Statement 2017

Content management for innovative digital fashion magazine

The Brief

DBL partnered with Studio City, Cedar HK, and Taubman Asia to push “Fashion Statement” to become Asia’s leading digital magazine for Macau Travelers! With a sophisticated platform and top-notch content, “Fashion Statement” still needed to establish itself as a long-term influencer towards its target. Due to that, we have established content management strategies to engage the targeted audience.

The Solution

DBL pushed 3 of its core expertise to increase the website’s presence. We eventually assisted on CMS management & SEO optimizations, management & optimization of all APAC Social Media, and paid media campaigns. As a result, all of these contributed to support specific business needs. On the other hand, quality, consistency and authenticity of content are vital for a winning content management strategy. We also observed needs to convert and keep the target audiences active to be successful. Consequently, all these helped to grow the brand followers and convert them into customers.

Strategic direction - Social Media CRM - Content management - Social Media management - Influencer marketing - Social Media advertising - Performance analytics

The Results

350% increase
Website Traffic Growth
64% decrease
Of Paid Traffic
Reducing the paid dependency
+1.1 million followers
accumulated within 1 year
Across 4 social media

Key Takeaways

The phrase “ Content is King” was coined not long ago. It aimed to highlight the vitality and longevity of quality content in the 21st century’s Era of Knowledge. It reminds us how invaluable content management is as well. Moreover, it encourages brands to produce content to resonate with their audience. Another change brought by the fact is that brands now build valuable content assets to stay prominent to their consumers.

Competition across all social media channels is now fierce, where consumers now gain information easily more than ever. Even brands with a large advertising budget will soon fail to reach and engage their audience if their content management and strategies do not tailor and adapt to the market. Due to that, content management campaigns require continuous performance optimizations.

Get hold of the right strategy and actionable insights to build your database!

About Studio City

Studio City is a hotel and casino resort in Cotai, Macau, China. It is Asia’s first leisure resort to integrate television and film production facilities, retail, gaming and hotels.

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