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Minitab — Social Media Infrastructure 2019

Set up a worldwide social media infrastructure

The Brief

Minitab’s APAC office contacted us to empower the acceleration of their social media activities. Our challenge was to audit, structure & train while taking into consideration the Minitab brand as well as a network of partners, based in Asia first and later on across the globe.

The Solution

Our team of experts across multiple markets joined forces to step-by-step deploy a wide-scale social media infrastructure, focusing on Facebook and LinkedIn. Everything started from a back-end & front-end audit of the Minitab & Minitab Partners existing infrastructure, supplemented by a in-depth industry benchmark to set the foundations of the strategy. The strategy was specifically designed to include global & local recommendations on topics covering awareness, to branding, lead generation, or content production. Then, we conducted a series of training both online & in-person at Minitab’s partners in China & Thailand. At a later stage, we also deployed the social media infrastructure & training worldwide to partners of Italy and the India region.

Social Media Training - Social Media Infrastructure - Consulting

The Results

4 phases
Audit, Strategy, Training, Consulting
Worldwide Project
From China to Italy and India
10 DBL experts
Activated in the project

Key Takeaways For Social Media Infrastructure Projects

It is crucial to set up a proper social media infrastructure for companies activating social media across multiple markets. This is especially important if there is a strong focus on local content. Such setup is beneficial in multiple ways, including providing flexibility to both HQ and local teams. This is useful as well in the sense of adding a layer of brand safety. Moreover, this setup also provides more transparency for users, at the same time mutualizes data, content, etc.

A social media infrastructure is the first step, but we know the strategy which takes place after is the key to healthy social media pages. We understand that beyond the Facebook Global Pages and LinkedIn Affiliated Pages, the game-changing element lies in global training and balance between global vs local content. These help the brand stand out and the local audiences to engage.

Also, we often see that deployment is overlooked in the process of strategy-work. That is why we coordinated between the Minitab team and the local markets to precisely deliver the trainings and assistance. We also reinforced the relationship between different parties for this project to smooth out the partnership. We strongly recommend brands to consider this aspect in any similar social media infrastructure project scope & timeline.

About Minitab

Minitab is the leading provider of software and services for quality improvement and statistics education. More than 90% of Fortune 100 companies use Minitab Statistical Software, our flagship product, and more students worldwide have used Minitab to learn statistics than any other package.

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