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UNHCR — Ramadan Digital Campaign 2019

Raise campaign awareness and drive donations with creative video content

The Brief

UNHCR Hong Kong approached DBL aiming to raise awareness for their Ramadan campaign and consequently drive donations via social media to support refugees in the Muslim community. UNHCR hopes to draw attention to the difficulties of refugees and displaced families separated from their homes and communities while going through Ramadan (fasting in the holy month).

The Solution

Digital Business Lab tailored a social media strategy that combined with a creative video content, powered by ads to reach the client’s objectives. To increase awareness and boost engagement for the UNHCR Ramadan Campaign to both Muslims and non-Muslims alike, DBL created different emotionally appealing videos as Facebook advertising assets for both targets respectively. We also leveraged video ads and poll stickers on Instagram to stimulate audience to rethink about humanitarian issues, instead of presenting facts and figures plainly. All these elements were essential to drive the audience to contribute and share about the campaign.

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creative video content

The Results

link clicks
to the donation page
shared the video campaign at least once
on Facebook & Instagram

Key Takeaways

We chose to create videos for ads visual since they are powerful in communicating messages to all types of audience. Visually stimulating, videos can influence viewers and evoke deeper emotions than plain text or unanimated photos.

Another important element is to deliver the right message to the right audience. We tailored the videos and the copywriting captions according to specific-targets. In this case, we focused on creating a common experience with the non-muslin community in Hong Kong. This helped establish connections that resonated with an audience from different demographics, achieving a reach beyond the usual pool. As for the Muslim community, we leveraged the reputational leaders within the community to remind them about the difficulties of the refugees going through Ramadan and motivated the potential donors.

DBL also carried out creative strategies that combined videos with native functions of Instagram i.e. Instagram Stickers. If your objectives is to inform and educate the public about topics with a lot of data, Instagram Stickers is an interactive approach to turn monotonous data into interesting content that encourages engagement. We used Poll Stickers as a way to stimulate deeper thoughts from the audience, making the message—there’s way more refugee children in the world than you expected— more powerful than ever.

Leverage creative video content to increase awareness and boost engagement!


UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is a global organisation dedicated to saving lives, protecting rights and building a better future for refugees, forcibly displaced communities and stateless people.

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