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Gift Market — Social Media Marketing

Drive brand awareness and traffic through social media marketing

The Brief

Gift Market contacted Digital Business Lab to build their B2B brand awareness in the Singapore market. The final objective was to develop traffic & lead generation on

DBL’s challenge was customizing our strategy during the covid-19 pandemic based on our understanding of the corporate gift market in Singapore.

The Solution

Digital Business Lab implemented a paid social media strategy to cover the entire sales funnel from awareness to conversion. Our team set up advanced retargeting tracking leveraging Facebook Pixel to smartly repurpose the right ad format to the right audience at the right time.

DBL also recognized the importance of a tailored marketing approach during the Covid-19 pandemic and developed the strategy according to the time frame.

Social Media Marketing - Facebook Advertising - Content Creation

The Results

Link Clicks
Over 1.2 million
on Facebook Ad content
CTR Increased
to Gift Market SG

Key Takeaways For Driving Brand Awareness & Traffic Projects


The combination of organic and paid social media strategies played an essential role in the marketing strategy for Gift Market in Singapore. Targeting Gift Market’s original fanbase to drive and maintain audience engagements was crucial in reaching the brand objectives in this campaign. Not only this but also retargeting on social media through the Facebook pixel and lookalike audiences was an essential driver of results for this B2B campaign.

DBL took on the challenge of creating a unique marketing strategy during the Covid-19 pandemic. Analyzing what corporate consumers were interested in was vital in this situation. We adopted the marketing strategy that used relevant products in a “work from home” pack, a Sustainability bundle, or pertinent themes in the Singapore market. This was an effective strategy to drive brand awareness given the situation.

About Gift Market

Gift Market is an online gift store focused on corporate products, which offers instant quotations. Gift Market offers customization of corporate products, and is a Singapore based supplier.

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