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Hong Kong Arts Festival — LinkedIn Campaign

Drive traffic to online event & raise awareness through LinkedIn campaign

The Brief

Initially, it started as a one-month project and was expanded into nearly one and a half months, allocating the remaining budget to promote another campaign.
The client involved DBL to support them plan & execute marketing strategy on LinkedIn to:

  • Increase their campaign awareness
  • Engage more people to register for their live conference event

The Solution

DBL supported Hong Kong Arts Festival with complete management of their LinkedIn campaign: from brainstorming their visual & copywriting content, identify a target audience, to budget management.

Meanwhile, DBL also helped to optimize the campaign during the process and monitor the campaign performance regularly and enhance the content in a more appealing way to attract more audiences’ attention, ultimately achieving the client’s goal.

Social Media Strategy - Linkedln Advertising - Content Production - Social Media Performance Analytics - Budget management

The Results

11 leads
Successfully Activated
Locally and globally
Paid Reach On LinkedIn
Paid Reach On LinkedIn
Successfully reach
Global Audience
in US, UK, AU, CA, HK, SG

Key Takeaways

In general, the music industry is a very niche group on LinkedIn.
To overcome this challenge, DBL has tried various ways to optimize the performance: i.e., change the budget spending way, enlarge the audience pool, and recreate more attractive pictures and simple but straightforward copy to engage more audience.

Location Targeting:
the US (core regions), UK, Australia have a larger population favoring the optimization. At the same, the US audience also showed higher interest in our content, reflected by the lead generated.


  1. Keep these core regions with more precise interest/demographic targeting for future campaigns to improve the relevance
  2. Allocate more budget on the better-performing regions
  3. Target audience: enlarge the audience pool to reach more people instead of only focusing on the audiences who are related to their campaign
Drive traffic to live conference & raise awareness through LinkedIn campaign!

About Hong Kong Arts Festival “No Limits”

Hong Kong Arts Festival and The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust aim to create a barrier-free environment and explore and promote inclusiveness and understanding through the arts. The project also invests heavily in arts education for young people; diverse arts experiences are designed to nurture students’ interest in the arts and share the joy of art with people from different backgrounds.

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