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Social Media Marketing in Singapore

Achieve your business objectives with highly localized social media campaigns

Why do you need social media marketing in Singapore?

As of February 2020, Singapore had an estimated 4.6 million active social media users, with a penetration rate of 79%. This number is considered extremely high, given the total population of Singapore is only 5.7Million (2019).

This makes social media the ultimate place to engage with and grow your target audience. With the average daily time spent on social media reaching 2 hours 8 minutes, brands cannot ignore the opportunity social media marketing could have within the Singapore market.

As of 2020, YouTube is the most popular social network, with an internet penetration of 86%, closely followed by Messenger (81%), Facebook  (79%) and Instagram (62%). Data also shows that eCommerce in Singapore is thriving, with the average Singaporean spending over 57% more online (USD$ 1,000/ year), compared to the global average (USD$ 634). With 1 in 10 users learning about a new product or service through social media platforms, brands have a huge opportunity to reach, nurture and convert their target audience through social media marketing.

With our personalized social media marketing service, discover how Digital Business Lab can help you embark on your winning social media journey today.

What do we do in our campaigns in Singapore?

With our team of social media experts in Singapore, we’re able to provide valuable in-depth knowledge and understanding of the local market and culture. We understand that it isn’t ‘one size fits all’ and in order to run successful social media marketing, we need to get to the roots of your company and vision.

Working closely with our clients, we identify their key objective and tailor personalized campaigns to assist with all phases of the customer journey from awareness and consideration to conversion. We take inspiration from the local Singaporean market to craft engaging story-telling that is relevant and resonates with your target audience.  Through a combination of storytelling, video production, creative design and social analytics, we are able to focus your target message into a personalized campaign that will enable you to meet your goals.

We closely follow the trends in Singapore and understand what makes the Singapore market tick. Using this information, we recommend the right time and best platforms to capture your target audience’s attention. Additionally, smart content distribution is essential in maximizing the performance of each campaign.

Whether you’re a start-up or an MNC, our ultimate goal is to tell the story of your brand, whilst catering to the localized Singaporean market.

How we can promote your social media footprint?

Supported Social Media Platforms

.  Facebook
.  Instagram
.  YouTube
.  LinkedIn
.  TikTok

Supported Languages

.  English
.  Malay Bahasa
.  Indonesia Bahasa
.  Mandarin (Simplified Chinese)
.  Cantonese (Traditional Chinese)

Content Creation

.  Localized content copywriting (languages specified above)
.  Creative video production & adaptation
.  Graphic design
.  Live streams

Strategic Consulting

.  Singapore market research
.  Singapore marketing strategy
.  Advertising strategy
.  Western social media platforms training and consulting

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