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Goyard — WeChat Mini Program

Foster effective interaction online & offline via WeChat Mini Program

The Brief

Goyard approached Digital Business Lab to enhance effective interaction and communication with clients in both online & offline retail stores.

Since the brand did not have an official website in China, the initial challenge encountered was that the frontline team at the store was struggling to communicate with clients.

The Solution

In less than one month, Digital Business Lab successfully converted Goyard’s product catalog into a WeChat Mini Program on their official WeChat account, and CMS development for clients to update and edit product information easily in the future.

Ultimately, interaction can be more effective on digital as the Mini Program can be shared easily by the retail team to their clients, encouraging active use of the Mini Program in both online and offline situations.

China Social Media Marketing - WeChat Mini Program Development & Integration - CMS development - Page UI and Design

The Results

Within 1 month
Product Catalogue converted
into a WeChat Mini Program
Content editable
on the CMS
Active use
of Mini Program
on both online and offline

Key Takeaways

To reach Goyard’s objectives and foster effective communication on digital:

  1. WeChat Mini Program: Our team converted Goyard’s product catalog into a WeChat Mini Program. The implementation includes the WeChat Mini Program page UI and design, development, and integration to Goyard official WeChat account as well as the existing website, and mobile-friendly optimization.
  2. CMS development: Our team has developed a CMS for clients to update content and edit catalog product information easily in the future. The implementation includes CMS portal frontend UI design, backend programming and 1-year maintenance.

💡 WeChat Mini Program – New eCommerce channel in China:

  • Keep your customers informed online and offline: By converting a brand product catalog into a Mini Program, interaction can be more effective on digital as it can be shared from retail team to clients, so as to inform loyal clients about new product releases.
  • Tap into massive MAU: Embedded within the WeChat ecosystem, mini-programs are lightweight sub-applications that don’t have to be installed and can range from live streaming to shopping. Thanks to the app’s massive social network, brands on WeChat can potentially tap into its 1.2 billion monthly active users (6 out of 10 WeChat users using mini-program).
  • Quick & cost-effective development: WeChat MPs have lower development costs. Developers can be built with WeChat’s framework using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Since mini-programs exist in the WeChat ecosystem, there are limited space to create, keeping the functions simple & sweet.
  • A final tip from our experts: The upload of the product will be reflected on the mini-program in real-time (without any WeChat review). Thus we recommend updating during mid-night China time to avoid disruption of the mini program usage.
Elevate your eCommerce strategy with the new way of selling via WeChat Mini Program!

About Goyard

Goyard is a luxury French trunk and leather goods maker. Established in 1853 in Paris, and previously doing business as Martin (Pierre-François Martin founded the House of Martin in 1792).

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