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House of Geneva — Establishing Brand Identity in Singapore & Taiwan

Drive brand awareness and traffic via localised social media strategy in Singapore and Taiwan

The Brief

House of Geneva contacted Digital Business Lab to grow its brand presence in the Asian market and drive traffic to its website.

DBL created localized social media strategies in the Singaporean and Taiwanese markets on Facebook and Instagram to drive highly qualified traffic to House of Geneva’s microsite.

The Solution

Digital Business Lab created a localized social media strategy, focusing on paid advertising to drive our audience along the sales funnel from brand awareness to conversion.

Our team leveraged the use of the Facebook Pixel to smartly repurpose the ad format to a highly qualified audience at the right time. Not only this, we also segmented the audience to target individuals who are knowledgeable about jewelry Maison’s and diamonds.

DBL was also involved in content creation to create images and videos showcasing House of Geneva’s precious and timeless jewelry pieces across all social platforms.

Social Media Strategy - Facebook and Instagram Advertising - Graphic Design

The Results

Leads Generated
On Facebook and Instagram
Successfully engaged
Audiences across SG & TW
Over 30,000 engagements
Over 1.2 million
Reach for House of Geneva
On Facebook & Instagram

Key Takeaways

To reach House of Geneva’s marketing objectives:

Digital Business Lab adopted a paid social media approach on Facebook and Instagram and activated content creation services. This strategy aimed to showcase who the brand is and its timeless jewelry pieces. As House of Geneva was introduced to the Taiwanese and Singaporean markets for the first time, establishing brand awareness was essential for driving our audience down the sales funnel.

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, where overall spending has reduced, identifying House of Geneva’s niche target audience was crucial to reach the brand objectives. We leveraged the Facebook pixel and interest targeting to ensure our ads were shown to the relevant audience.

💡 In our paid social media plan, DBL adopted a strategy to run brand awareness campaigns, followed by traffic and lead generation campaigns. With this flow, the aim was to introduce the brand, drive our audience to the website, and then collect contact details of our audience interested in the pieces. Using this flow and highlighting House of Geneva’s unique selling points and high jewelry pieces in the visuals and copy, DBL effectively established the brand presence in Singapore and Taiwan and expanded their customer base in Asia.

Activate your brand presence in Asia with a localised marketing strategy!

About House of Geneva

House of Geneva is a luxury jewelry Maison based in Geneva, Switzerland. The Maison specializes in crafting pieces with the highest quality gemstones and diamonds.

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